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Can I clear goods via Fiscal representation and pick them up in Belgium on my own?

No, both the transportation and the evidence that goods have left Belgian territory must remain under Cosmo Freight control.

Can I clear the cargo in Belgium if I do not have a VAT number?

No, you must have a valid VAT number issued in the EU.

I am importer in located in France. Can I clear the cargo in Belgium under fiscal representation and deliver it to the UK directly.

Yes, you can, however, we will need you to provide us set of documents proving the resale to UK customer (sale invoice and delivery note), VAT number of UK buyer and VAT number of receiver if not the same. Transportation to the UK must be handled by Cosmo Freight.

I have goods coming into Belgium but they are not yet sold. Can I clear them via fiscal representation and arrange delivery only after having sold them to customers?

Yes, it is possible, but we will need to use the VAT warehouse. You can import the goods into Belgium and leave them in our warehouse for no less than 48 hours. When the goods are sold, we will inform Customs and VAT authorities and keep a shipment record for each partial shipment. (*)

What if a portion or all of the goods in the VAT warehouse are sold to a Belgian customer?

In this case the Belgian VAT is due and must be paid prior to the goods leaving our warehouse (*)

(*) The last 2 examples are classified under the VAT warehouse scheme for which some extra conditions may apply to this arrangement.