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If you are relocating in Belgium or if you plan on relocating to any other country in the world, Cosmo Freight ™ is your ideal partner for arranging a custom made relocation. We are offering various services that can be combined based on your needs.

  • Local removal services, to package and stow your items in the containers
  • Supplies of boxes, labels and stickers
  • Ocean freight
  • Air freight services
  • Export customs clearance
  • Import customs clearance of personal effects, free of VAT and Duty tax
  • Low cost delivery
  • Delivery by goods removal company
  • Marine insurance
All of these services are offered separately, and can be combined based on your needs. We can offer the full VIP removal service, picking up at the old location and delivering to the new location. We can also search for the most economic option and provide you with the services that are missing, if you choose to handle relocation yourself, e.g. assistance with customs paperwork or goods delivery from/to the port or airport.

Obtaining conditions that benefit of duty and vat free import of your household goods into Belgium.

If you intend to become a permanent resident of Belgium, and benefit of the duty free and VAT free import of your goods into Belgium, you must meet the following requirements:

1. If you are a diplomat, then you only need to provide the 136F form and your removal will be treated as diplomatic shipment, with no applicable duties or VAT.

2. If you are not a diplomat, you must comply with the following conditions in order to benefit from the duty and VAT free import of your goods.

a) Goods must be personal effects that were yours at least six month prior to your establishment in Belgium
b) The goods must have been used by you during your prior residency
c) The goods must be used for the same purpose in your new residence in Belgium
d) You must not have resided in the EU during the 12 month prior to your arrival in Belgium
e) You must provide proof of residency in Belgium, this document is given to you by the municipality of the 'commune' where you are residing.
f) This advantage is granted to you for a period of 12 month after your become resident in Belgium. (It is possible to benefit of the tax free import before you establish your residence in Belgium, in this case you will have to offer guaranty to the Belgian customs authorities)
g) After importation you will still need to comply with the following custom authorities requirements of the.

You will have to make a formal commitment not to lend, give against bail, rent, give for free or against payment the goods that have been imported duty free, this without giving prior notice to the Belgian customs authorities.
This commitment will expire one year after the import entry has been validated.

Here below it is possible to download the declaration that has to be signed by you and returned to us, accompanied by the relevant documentation, list of items with its value, passport, proof of residence…

As authorised customs broker in Belgium, we are authorised to arrange custom paperwork for your cargo at any point of entry in Belgium, Zeebrugge, Antwerp, Ghent, Oostende, Ghent, Brussels, Liege, Charleroi, Arlon.

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