Quotation Terms and Conditions

Your Cargo Logisitics Expert

Specific conditions of our quotations and quotes.

1. Notwithstanding any clause to the contrary, the conditions below apply to all our quotations and quotations and price reductions.

2. The weight/volume ratios taken into account are as follows:

Seafreight 1 ton = 1 cubic meter

Road 1 ton = 3 cubic meters

Airfreight 1 ton = 6 cubic meters

3. Carriage prices are subject to space availability with carriers, airlines, shipping and rail.

4. Storage costs, guarding demurrage, as the case may be, are never included in our quotations.

5. Costs for assistance with customs control, presentation for scanning are not included.

6. Unless otherwise stated, quotations are only valid for non-dangerous goods whose transport is neither regulated nor restricted.