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Your Cargo Logisitics Expert

This Morning the MV Ever Given blocking the traffic both ways in the Suez Canal. source: Read more here Suez Canal blocked by stranded Evergreen boxship  

Baltic Dry

Baltic Dry index back to the 2018 level.

VGM Check in Belgium

With the mandatory introduction of the VGM on July 1, 2016, the Federal Public Service Mobility & Transport DG Maritime is also responsible for monitoring this. We recently were informed that this federal department will start with checks on the VGM correctness. These checks are random based on the information supplied by PTO (container on…
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Port Sudan

We are pleased to inform you that Cosmo Freight ® is again accepting bookings from all France to Port Sudan, effective immediately. Whilst operational challenges and high berthing delays are expected to continue, has undertaken measures to enhance overall connectivity towards Sudan by offering an increased number of sailings per month. We thank you for…
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