VGM Check in Belgium

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VGM Check in Belgium

With the mandatory introduction of the VGM on July 1, 2016, the Federal Public Service Mobility & Transport DG Maritime is also responsible for monitoring this.

We recently were informed that this federal department will start with checks on the VGM correctness.

These checks are random based on the information supplied by PTO (container on terminal, specified VGM by the customer, which method etc).

In this regard, it concerns import, export and transship containers, however the focus will be primarily on exports to raise awareness among shippers.

The control weighing will take place on the 4 major terminals (PSA 869, PSA 913, MPET 1742 & AG 1700) and this with a calibrated weighbridge in the presence of the inspector. If the tolerance margin of 5% is exceeded, a fine will be made to the party stated on the Bill of Lading as the loader. Sanctions can go up to € 5,000,-.

The costs for this weighting, also in the case when the container is found to be ok, are charged by PTO via TREX for a total amount of € 175,-.

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